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 Pursuit Of Passion & Happiness

Who is Tr.

 The founder of Saigon’s Civet Cafe. Born in Saigon, Vietnam in early 1993 in a coffee family, came to America in 2006 and raised in Corpus Christi. Texas, also known as the Lone Star State, yes he a true Texan kin.

     Tr. started to work independently at a young age to assist his family. After high school, He was not afraid to embrace life’s adventures,

from bussing tables late night at a local restaurant to coffee shop barista, and a brief career in law environment. In 2015 Tr. took another step to further open up a small spa business and begin his entrepreneurial journey, but deep down he always recognized the influence that coffee has played an important role in his life story and his desire to bring back and share the experience and culture  with the American consumer. 

In the late 2019, Tr. decided to move another chess piece in life after talking to a friend who introduced him to a coffee farmer in Cau Dat, Vietnam, who owned and operated his farm for three generations. And there the NEW QUEST begins.

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A New Quest

Our Story

There is a saying  “ Xu sö Cà Phê”  which means “the kingdom of coffee”.   Imagine now that  you catch a rooster’s crow for an early morning sunrise, you walk out to a magnificent place where time pauses, and  you can find your own tranquility and revive your inner peace. The birds are chirping and you are surrounded by  an endless amount of green coffee trees.    

    This is the life of Mr. Khanh and his lovely wife, a 3rd generation  coffee farmer with an extraordinary talent of nurturing and harvesting some of the finest coffee produced in Cau Dat,Vietnam. We are honored and proud to partner with Mr. Khanh and begin a new chapter for me and for Mr. Khanh a new journey to bring his organic healthy green coffee to the U.S coffee consumer.  Together we are delivering a new standard and finer quality to your morning latte.

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From Tree To Cup

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