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Our Story

Flashback. Culture. Value.

SaiGon’s Civet Cafe is the world’s most exclusive brand. Coffee was introduced into Vietnam in 1857 by a French Catholic priest in the form of a single Coffee  arabica tree. Vietnam did not become a major exporter of coffee until the Đổi Mới reforms and opening of the economy after the war. Now, many coffee farms exist across the central highlands. Vietnam is now the largest producer of the Robusta, Arabica variety of coffee and the second largest producer of coffee worldwide. The beverage was adopted with regional variations. The availability of fresh milk was limited because the dairy farming industry was still in its infancy. Therefore the French and Vietnamese began to use sweetened condensed milk with a dark roast coffee. 

      From the city of Buôn Mê Thuôc Vietnam, we directly trades with our coffee farmer. In doing so, we bring  our best quality and healthy green coffee beans such as Arabica, Robusta, Moka to the U.S market. 

    Fresh roasting in Texas, we package and deliver straight to your door-step.  Enjoy our exceptional shopping experience and contact our customer service with questions or comments.

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